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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Two blog awards

I had been awarded this blog  award from Kiehn a while ago, but just have not had time to post it.
Go visit Kiehns blog - http://kiehn10.blogspot.com/

This award, which is aimed at bringing unknown good blogs to light .
Thank you  Kiehn so very much for this award, I am so honoured, and definitely accept.

In accepting the award I have had to agree to the following conditions;

1) You have been tagged, do you want to accept? YES! then create a post on your blog and post the award.
2) Link back to the person who gave you the award and say if you accept.

3) Choose 3-5 of your favourite blogs to tag, link these in your post too and tell the lucky people they have been tagged.

As the aim of this award is to bring unknown good blogs to light, please don't tag somebody with 3000 followers.

Sooooo, I have picked 5 fellow bloggers for this award.... and they are :
1) Leanne - http://leeartsncrafts.blogspot.com/

2) Jennifer - http://myinkyhands-jennifer.blogspot.com/

3) Julka - http://julka84.blogspot.com/

4) Amy - http://leighspapercreation.blogspot.com/

5) Olga - http://imaginationandcreationbyolga.blogspot.com/

Please do pop on over to these blogs and see their inspirational creations.
I have been awarded another award from Pauline.
Go check out her blog.

The story goes that this blog award has the purpose of bringing to light bloggers who are creative, make wonderful creations, but have less than 300 followers. And the rules ask that you

1. Thank the person who sent you this blog. done

2. List 7 things about yourself (seven? really?)

3. Send this to 15 bloggers

Hmmm.... seven things about me...

1. I have been blogging for almost a year.
2.I just love crafting. 
3. I achieved my goal of being part of a DT.
4. I would love to renew my wedding vows... in Spain!
5. Cannot wait for the warmer weather.... soak up the rays Lol
6. Gonna start ZUMBA soon ......
7.Can't wait for Alexander Palace.. 9th April...Only 3 weeks .. yay

Now I have to pick 15 fellow bloggers to share this award ... here goes...

1) Tammy - http://mycraftcentral.blogspot.com/

2) Carrie - http://carrieoncrafting.blogspot.com/

3) Stef - http://glitterbabegreetings.blogspot.com/

4) Heidy - http://heidysscrappies.blogspot.com/

5) Coldwaters - http://coldwaters2.blogspot.com/

6) Kristel - http://creative4fun.blogspot.com/

7) Pat - http://clevercrafting.blogspot.com/

8) Cheryl - http://inktrap.blogspot.com/

9) Doreen - http://doreensdream.blogspot.com/

10) Sally - http://salsbitsandbobs.blogspot.com/

11) Jacki - http://cardsbyjacki.blogspot.com/

12) Shazza - http://shazzacraft.blogspot.com/

13) Dawn - http://dawn-dawnscrafting.blogspot.com/

14) Linda - http://lindascraftycreations.blogspot.com/

15) Rowena - http://craftypagan.blogspot.com/

I think all these ladies are awesome papercrafters, and I love their creations. They are all inspirational. Their blogs are a joy to visit, so I hope you will visit them too!