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I have been blogging since 2010. I have been married for 29 years and have three children,I have been blessed with Four Gorgeous Grandchildren. I love making my own cards, but dabble in cake making & crochet too. I enjoy going to Alexander Palace twice a year with my mum. I live in Battersea and have grown up here, although me and hubby's dream is to one day live in Spain.....

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Forty Winks

Hello every-one, hope you are all having a relaxing Sunday afternoon. I sure am Lol.

I had to go out & buy a new laptop. My other one was well past it's sell buy date!! Kept shutting down on me... I could have just thrown it across the room!

I went to Alexander Palace last Saturday, all on my own, coz Mum & bro went to America for 10 days. They had a fab time. Got tickets to see Country & Western singer Meryl Haggard. Mum did try to get them back home but had no luck, then the receptionist in their hotel phoned up and was lucky. They did lots of things and Mum said it was FANTASTIC.
I did look out for any blog land friends whilst at Ally Pally, but saw NO ONE. I had a great time though, always do.

I went on to Jak Heaths blog today, very inspirational lady. Here she was advertising 'My Memories Suite'. Jak has created some wonderful scrap book pages. I popped onto the link to see how much it was & managed to get a free trail. It did take a while to download but is worth it.
I have had a little play, of course you are restricted in what you get coz its a trail, but I feel its a good thing to do before you actually buy the product.

So.... I do not have a card for you today ....... but a scrap book page.

Of course it had to be my Grand son, who is now 5 week old. Could you not just Squeeze him Lol.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I do love reading your comments & in return pay you a visit too x