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Friday, 22 June 2012

Crochet Blankets

Hello there & thanks for stopping by my blog today, it's much appreciated x

Today I am going to show you the blankets that I have made for my grandchildren. I must say that they were quite hard to photograph!!

I do not follow a pattern. When I was a little girl my Aunt Bluey (Charity) being her real name, showed me how to crochet. I hold the hook cack handed and do not have a scooby what crochet stitches I use Lol
Sadly my Aunt Bluey passed several years ago now, but her memory lives on when ever I crochet. Thanks for teaching me that skill xx

This is my Grandson's pram

So I chose these colours for his pram. 

This is for my Grand-daughter 

I decided to make one for her dolls pram that she got for her 1st birthday
I used excatly the same wool
for some reason the photo's look like they are different shades!! 
Still need to finish by adding some more satin flowers.

I have now finished writing my school reports (thank goodness). I did work hard to get them completed & it feels lovely to know I can now catch up with my blogging friends and do some crafting x